Carrefour Supeco Miniworld

Creating and animating 3D cartoon characters in their mini worlds for the economic supermarket chain Supeco.

miniworlds 3d creation aerial view
3d toon character rigging cute
boat fishing fishes low poly 3d
animation vehicule rigging
parking lot aerial view character
bbq character 3d rigging
farm character 3d toon
parking lot supermarket character 3d animation

Our team designed a charming and vibrant little world that connects local fruit and vegetable producers, as well as other products, directly to consumers.
Through our visual creations, we brought to life a small, animated universe that showcases the journey of these products from local farms to the store shelves. Our goal was to highlight the importance of supporting local and sustainable agriculture while engaging consumers with fun and relatable characters.

Client Carrefour / Supeco

Directors / ConceptBloc D / Jean-baptiste Reulet

3D AnimationBloc D

Technical consultant Theoriz

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