Our experimentation space
where the fun becomes real !

We use these explorations and studies as a way to explore new aesthetics, conceptual frameworks and creative technologies for commercial and artistic application.

* Beautiful and scary at the same time, we are on the right path !
* A space colonisation test for an upcoming work !
* The forest out there are full of surprises ! check what i found
* Hey houston ? we have a problem here !
* Spielberg did not call us ... But we made our own T-REX anyway !
* Need a new haircut ? call us !
* Still love a lot this strange character ! it was a cool project :)

What really pumps us is to create fun stuff like to make things exploding, animated flying creatures, incredible stories with robots, eternal loops.. Let’s check our projects !

* Doh ! an other whale sim
* A big splash whale sim ! fun stuff :)
* Every night, we saw the Giant diving !
* remember ""la vouivre"" presented in ANNECY Festival ? well it's still on the way ! will show more soon...
* little blendshapes test, can't wait to render this side project !
* A woodlouse rigg made for our last clip
* Today at work, I crushed a beetle.
* some train works with railclone ! and little bit of inverted gravity
* Stop telephoning me, i'm kind of busy
* mushroom contamination fun
* cloth test for carbon
* let try some parametric building ! need a room ? call us
* destroyed airport wip
* Our little Dumbo ! the Bloc D mascot
* weird things in deep sea
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