Welcome to our fun department where we create experiential content for the entertainment industry. We provide unique visuals for long or short features, shows and immersive events.

With our innovative approach and talented team, we combine advanced technologies and creative expertise to captivate audiences through mapping, large scale screens, immersive installations, etc…

Transforming entertainment through unforgettable content

Crafting Memorable Moments

Bloc D pushes the boundaries of the entertainment industry by creating unique content that transforms shows into inspiring events. Whether through multimedia spectacles, concerts or immersive experiences we strive to captivate audiences by immersing them in new worlds by actively involving them in the action.

Pushing the limits of an artistic vision

Art Direction & concept design

We are excited to collaborate with you to bring your creative project to life and add a touch of artistic excellence to your visual animations. From concept art to storyboarding we master each step of the pre production process.

Whether you’re a concert venue, festival, or entertainment & production company, we collaborate with you to create memorable moments.

We worked with great artists

  • Moment Factory
  • Silent Partners Studio
  • League Of Legends
  • Superbien Paris
  • Polaar Sounds
  • Landor & Fitch
Carbon vfx clip motion 3D Esther insect sss fur vray
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