LumiSaône 2022
Show Content | Luminous Immersive Walk
WMC Accenture
Show Content | Reflections of Change
CARBON – Esther
Music Video
Show Content
PY1 – Creatures
Show Content | Through The Echoes
Intel CES 2018
Mapping | 360° autonomous driving
Installation | Unleash your Cathartic Power !
CHANEL – Gabrielle
Mapping | Launch VIP
Interactive | 'Interstices' exhibition
Calvin Harris – Coachella 2016
Live mapping | Feel so Close
Royal Caribbean
Motion 3D | Over the clouds
Interactive | Totems
Montreal Transportation Society
CG Motion | 2020 STM Electrification
Royal Caribbean Robot Battle
Motion 3D | Robots Battle
Alberta Treasury Branch
3D Artistic Direction | Visual content
LAX Airport Time Tower
Motion design | Worldclock
Britney Spears – Break The Ice
Live mapping | Piece of me Tour 2016
CG Motion | Buglight
Bruegger’s bagels
CG Motion | 30's in Brooklyn
Royal Caribbean
Motion 3D | Outerspace
Royal Carribean Spectra’s Cabaret
Show | Anthems of the Sea
Philadelphia Flyers Show
Mapping | Flyers Ice opening Show
Misteur Valaire
CG Footage | 'Bellevue' teaser
Le Mans Gas prototype
Industrial design| Gas race car
IDILL 2011
CG Motion | Dance Festival prizes
So Long Winter
CG Motion | 2012 greetings
Motion Proto GT
CG Motion | Le Mans Proto GT
ADP Bagages check-in
CG Motion | HIM Didatics